Song of the month: July 2016

Since last month’s song of the month was such a lackluster experience, I called on my Facebook friends to give me some good things for July.  They did!

From my high school friend (who posts a lot on FB about music.)

“Who doesn’t need some deep house/electronic in their life for the summer?”
Fakin’ It (featuring Ofelia K.)
Kaskade & Felix Cartel

From my local friend who called my attention to this song:
“Detlef Schrempf”
Band of Horses

Another local friend suggested this mash-up.
(Which is sadly not available for purchase.)
“Ghosts Over Baghdad”
Deadmau5s vs. Outkast by DJ Ellipsis

Regular commenter Jan suggested this, which I loved.  And the video has Ron Funches in it!  He used to be a local comedian, before he moved to LA.
This is totally a summer song.            
“I’m loving Justin Timberlake’s new one:
“Can’t stop the feeling!”

Regular commenter Kathleen featured this song on her blog.  The video is bizarre, but I love the driving intensity of the song.
Even if I Don’t”
Rachael Yamagata

And when you see the movie Keanu, you laugh and you fawn over the kitten. And then you come home and download you some George Michael.

This song came out in high school and was one of those songs that gave me a promise of adulthood that was more or less fulfilled.  This song told me that eventually I would be on my own and making my own choices.  And eventually I was.
“Freedom! ’90”
George Michael

4 thoughts on “Song of the month: July 2016”

  1. Nice choices this month! Oh JT, he’s just so cute (like a cute sassy dad-type). And how I love that Freedom video. ICONIC!

  2. Nice list! I’ve added a couple of these artists to my “when I have money to buy more music” list. I really love the beat of that Kaskade song, and also Rachael Yamagata’s voice.

    I’m so glad that you enjoy JT’s song as much as I do. 🙂 The video really makes it for me. It has so much joy! Also, within the last few years, I totally started fangirling over JT. I find him very attractive. Never really did before. I guess he’s one of the lucky ones who gets better with age.

    1. Two non-music things I like about JT: He’s a guy who likes to dress nattily, which is sorely needed in the schlubby times in which we live. I also find him to be pretty tight lipped with the press. He could probably tell us tons of dirt about Britney, but he’s not said much of anything.

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