Special Edition

When the Oregonian was preparing all of us paper subscribers for the crappy conversion, they had a question-and-answer section about the Brave New World.  My favorite question was something like, “I always enjoy the Thanksgiving Sale Edition.  If you aren’t going to publish on Thursday, how will I know about the sales?”  The answer was something to the effect of, “Not to worry!  We’ll publish a SPECIAL Thanksgiving Edition with all of the ads!”

And so it has come to pass.

And so it is chock full of ads.  On the left:  the paper.  On the right:  the ads.

And that isn’t really even correct, because if you crack open that front page you will find it is 90% full-page ads.  The pile on the right:  straight to the recycle bin.  The pile on the left:  I read it.  But I skipped all the ads.

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  1. Ugh. I can't believe someone actually requested a special edition filled with ads. People have got some really weird priorities.

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