Three sentence movie review: Thanks for Sharing


Robbins, Ruffalo and Gad play three men in different stages of their twelve-step process, their addiction of choice being sex.*  All actors bring their A-games and the story is compelling due to the complications of staying clean even for people with five or fifteen year coins. It’s always nice to see Patrick Fugit, playing Robbins estranged son, but my favorite part of the movie was watching Josh Gad and Alicia Moore help each other through their early days of sobriety by becoming friends.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

*I feel like this is the first addiction movie I’ve seen that is completely focused on the twelve-step process and the fact that they chose sex-addiction is interesting, mostly because watching someone have sex is something we do all the time in movies and it’s much more familiar than a drug or alcohol bender.  Also sex addiction is tough like food addiction, in that a lot of people don’t really recognize either as an addiction. Also complete abstinence isn’t the goal.

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    1. And that’s what happens when I do posts in a flurry. Typos come fast and furious. Embarrassing the number of times I had the wrong word. Good catch.

  1. That’s true, I never really thought about that before, that with other addictions you’re looking to stop completely, but most people wouldn’t try that with sex. Netflix has suggested this movie to me on multiple occasions but I wasn’t really sure what it was about so I kept passing it by. Now I’m intrigued. I think I’ll add it to the queue. What is Josh Gad doing to her face in the above picture? Or is that some weird optical illusion and he’s doing nothing to her face?

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