Three sentence movie review: The Grand Seduction


I can see why this got mixed reviews, as this is what I call a Sunday Afternoon Movie, meaning a movie where the premise is light, no new ground will be broken and you can see what’s coming a mile away; but, when it’s done well, it’s the kind of movie that’s a good bridge between the loveliness of your weekend and the harsh reality that soon you will have to shut off the TV and start prepping to go back for another five days of work.  This particular Sunday Afternoon Movie does things very well, the actors all bring their A-game, and it was funny enough that I laughed out loud several times, sounding like a crazy person cackling to myself all alone in my house.  Much like going to the restaurant you know you like and ordering the entree you know you love, so is this movie, peppering a well trod path with delights and enjoyment.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

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One thought on “Three sentence movie review: The Grand Seduction”

  1. I tried to watch this on Netflix but gave up after about 20 minutes. It just didn’t grab me. If it doesn’t grab me and it’s not a project movie, I’m not willing to grind it out.

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