My sashiko journey begins here.


It all started with Collette Patterns selling sashiko embroidery kits for Christmas one year.  What was this sashiko stuff that looked so pretty?  It turns out it is a Japanese quilting method, where layers of cloth would be held in place by really amazing geometric and beautiful embroidery.   Some examples here and here.  When I heard “layers of cloth” I thought of the t-shirts I’ve been saving since high school to make into a quilt.  I bought a t-quilt pattern years ago, but never started it because the first step was fusing interfacing to all the t-shirts to keep them from stretching.  I hate fusing interfacing, even to a collar, and there was no way I was going to do that to 40+ t-shirts.  Plus, it would make them all stiff.  But what if I could use sashiko embroidery to affix the stretchy shirts to a woven backing fabric?

This idea turned around in my head for a few years.  The tidying this spring was what finally got this project in motion. I’ve got an entire drawer full of t-shirt fronts ready to turn into a quilt.  I’d better start making a move toward turning them into a quilt sooner rather than later.  So I finished all my other at-home-movie-watching projects which meant it was time to buy supplies.

However, I decided to learn sashiko techniques by making two pillows first.  Julie and I traveled to Fabric Depot and I came back with this orange fabric, a blue fabric, needles, two kinds of thimbles, sashiko thread and a new color of Clover chaco marking pen.

If the pillows go well, I can begin sashiko on the t-shirts.  If it doesn’t, I can use the technique I just discovered, which involves rotating a backing t-shirt to cross grain to provide more structure.  This would would be much easier, but I’m hoping the Sashiko thing works out.

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  1. OMG, I really want that dragonfly pattern in the first link (and the tea set that’s in the pic although I don’t drink tea). So cute! Do you know what your pattern is going to be?

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