Good bag. Indygo Junction #IJ805 Grids and Grommets Bag.


It has a great look while hanging.


I’m not a fan of the lion print inside, but there are inner pockets and it opens up very wide.


The straps are good sized and the pattern directions point out that you can double them up and put them over your shoulder make it a single strap to go across your chest.

Should I feel the urge to make a bag, this might be the one.

2 thoughts on “Good bag. Indygo Junction #IJ805 Grids and Grommets Bag.”

  1. Oh gosh, I’m so glad you said that’s a lion print on the inside. I thought it was a pile of fur and I was so confused. Haha! That seems like a great bag. You should make one, preferably without the weird lion print. I like the outside pattern, but if that were my bad, it would get dirty in a hot minute.

    1. If I ever make it, there’s no way it would be white. I’ve done the white furniture thing and learned that white is not for me.

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