Three sentence movie reviews: Alien


Oh my god, guys, this is an awesome strong-female-character movie and it also has a subplot featuring a cat!*  I feel the need to point out it’s Sci-Fi tense, not really scary, because if you are like me, you are more apt to watch sci-fi tense.**  I also really enjoyed seeing 1970s view of space, and how our views have changed.***

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home

*You, of course, probably know this as the movie came out in 1979 and is almost as old as me, but I just watched it and thus am just now understanding how good it is.
**But yes, I know that you’ve probably already seen it, because see above, but still!  There are probably five other people who haven’t seen it yet and I feel I must convince them.
***Smoking!  Would not at all happen today. Also, I was distracted because now that whole ship would have closed-circuit cameras, but they hadn’t yet figured that out about the future.  I found myself wondering how one would ratchet up tension today given the closed circuit cameras.  I guess you could go the easy route–cameras suddenly don’t work!

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  1. See, for me, this movie has the standard horror movie problem: people behaving in stupid ways just to advance the plot. I do like the surprise that comes along with Ian Holms’ character, though, and it is nice that Ripley is such a bad ass (although the other woman, holy crap, so annoying). And I agree, it’s very tense.

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