Song of the month: “Way back when” by Kodaline

New feature.  Once per month, I will feature a song that is “of the moment” for me.  Usually because I have discovered it and can’t stop playing it repeatedly on YouTube.  Because I never buy any music, (and that is very wrong) I will then purchase that song.

This song popped up on Pandora the same night I watched the movie Brooklyn.  Brooklyn is an incredible movie and perfect in many ways, but I left with the feeling of “I will never be that young ever again.” It’s a feeling I’ve had intermittently this year, especially this summer.  I feel it deeply, while at the same time understanding its ridiculousness.  My twenties were in many ways not that great and I would prefer not to return to them.  But some part of me longs to be that age again.  Overlaid with this internal struggle, is my future 80-year-old self saying, “You thought 40 was old? Try being an octogenarian!”

And then this song played and the chorus caught me:

Yeah, those will be the days that I’ll be missing
When I’m old and when I’m grey and when I stop working
I hope that I can say
When all my days are done
We were just having fun

It’s a good song, and one I’d like to work into my song repertoire.  Because eventually I’m going to have a songbook of songs I can play and sing.  You know. Someday.

The video is classic “band on the road”.  The band seems to have an impossibly good looking lead singer–the kind of guy who spells trouble for the girls and trouble for the band.  I wish all of them well.

3 thoughts on “Song of the month: “Way back when” by Kodaline”

  1. That lead singer, when he smiled impishly at the camera, oh boy. What a cutie. Sometimes I’m sad that I was too shy to pursue boys when in my 20s. And I’m with you – I get that feeling too, about never being that young again. Also, that I never understood how beautiful and amazing I was then, so I try not to take for granted how beautiful and amazing I am now. The only way I would ever go back to my 20s is if I had my 40-year-old brain.

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