Three sentence movie reviews: Brooklyn


I’d read the book years ago and didn’t really care for it,* but I’m a sucker for both Saoirse Ronan and Nick Hornby, plus I’d heard the raves, so off I went.  I settled in for 111 minutes of pure pleasure as I navigated the choppy waters of Eilis’s new life.  Emory Cohen** was remarkable, but Ronan was mesmerizing.***

Cost: I think $6.00?
Where watched: St Johns Twin, in the small theater upstairs with a lot of other people with grey hair.

*However, sitting waiting for the movie to start, I thought about just how many scenes from the book I could clearly remember, even five years later. I also could remember the entire plot, which is something I can’t say about some books I read six months ago, or even one month ago. Well done, Colm Toibin.
**He was that sketchy dude in the third part of The Place Beyond the Pines, and completely different in this role.
***Also, you will get your money’s worth just watching Julie Walters trying to keep control of her boarders’ conversation at the dinner table.

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