Three sentence movie reviews: Selma


I was bracing myself for violence as depicted in Twelve Years a Slave, and was relieved that this movie’s violence was not on that level.  But the violence shown was horrible.*  Very good performances by all and completely worth watching.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home.

*I kept thinking how the police officers on the bridge who attacked the marchers had to go home and eat their dinner.  And what did they have to say about their day?  And what do their now-grown children say about their father’s actions during the Civil Rights Movement.

poster from:
(A comment on the poster noted that on the four-color poster, Dr. King’s neck had been slimmed down.  I looked and it was true.  See for yourself. Another comment supposed that this had to do with this being the British version of the poster, and Brits being more familiar with actor David Oyelowo than Martin Luther King.  To that I say, “hmmmm.”)selma_ver2

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  1. Aha! Now I am caught up on your posts in my reader. I’m taking the morning (okay, now starting to be afternoon) to just plug in for a bit.

  2. I’m with Sara. I have a hard time motivating myself to watch movies that I know are going to be hard to watch. I find it pretty difficult to believe that Brits would be more familiar with an actor than MLK. Most Brits I know (and I happen to know quite a few here) are way more familiar with American history than Americans are with British history.

    1. I kind of feel like I should set up a system so I watch more of the movies I’m avoiding. But I already have so many systems…

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