Waimea Canyon Trail to Waipo’o Falls

It was another day of vigorous hiking. Two things are true about this trail: you will see a lot of people, and it’s not really a trail to traverse with your flip flops. It’s also very up and down. A number of people remarked on how lucky I was to have my hiking poles.

There were gorgeous views of the canyon.

Self portrait. Notice how sweaty I am!

In the middle of this picture, there is a gray smear, just below a hump of greenery. That’s the lookout from the parking lot. We stopped there yesterday. From that vantagepoint you can see the many hikers who are hiking along the ridge.

Here are some of the many hikers.

Down in the canyon.

I didn’t make it all the way to the falls. I rested here and people watched while Matt continued on to the falls. It gave me ample opportunity to see the stone arch.

And take more pictures of the canyon.

On the way back, we stopped at a viewpoint and took a not-great timer photo. Unlike the trail itself, no people were at the viewpoint when we were there.

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