Back Down Waimea Canyon Drive, Dinner, and Shave Ice

We enjoyed the winding drive down Waimea Canyon Drive and stopped at a lookout to take some pictures. Here, you can see Ni’ihau in the distance.

Us being bad at self portraits.

Same picture, but with camera phone.

My Aunt Carol had clued us in that we could get fresh papayas on the way to/from Waimea Canyon and we did! They were delicious.

Back in town we got our meal: surf and turf taco for Matt and quesadilla for me. We ate in a park nearby.

Then we stopped at JoJo’s Shave Ice and had our minds blown. I grew up with snow cones and enjoy them on a hot day, but this shave ice is macadamia nut ice cream topped with ice that has been shaved and then is layered with delicious flavors and then cream is poured over the top.

It was incredible! I had a coconut flavored one and Matt got something with tropical fruit.

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