Three sentence movie reviews–Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Jason Segel seems to be a less raunchy member of the Apatow mafia, so this movie skews a tiny bit older than Superbad, or even Knocked Up’s adolescent humor. One of the things I enjoy about Apatow-influenced movies is that beneath their yucky boy-centric antics, they are willing to explore the feelings of the male species circa 2008. Still not a movie you want to take your grandmother to, but very enjoyable, especially Kristen Bell and Russell Brand.

Matt and I celebrated our sixth anniversary with a double feature of Iron Man and Forgetting Sara Marshall.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews–Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

  1. Ashamed to admit we saw this one. Each one us us thought that the other wanted to see it, which turned out not to be true at all. Kristen was pretty cute, though! -S

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