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The Hatbox Baby The Hatbox Baby by Carrie Brown

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Last month I loved the novel I read by Carrie Brown. This month, I wasn’t as enchanted. The story had some interesting points to it. I enjoyed learning about doctors in the 1930s who attempted to save preemie babies. The one in this novel had to have the infants in his care on display at world fairs and expositions. He used the proceeds to fund his research.

I enjoyed meeting several people involved with the World’s Fair in Chicago. Overall, the plot line was interesting, but nothing gelled. I never grew attached to any of the characters or their stories. I finished it, and that was the end of my relationship with that book.

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One thought on “Review of the Hatbox Baby”

  1. Wonder if my mom would like this one since it is her business to help those teeny little preemies? -S

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