Requiem: Black Backpack

It was April, 2001. I began my stint as a summer park ranger on the Boston Harbor Islands and realized I was completely without a backpack to carry five days worth of clothes, books and food to the island. Roommate Felicia took me to Target where I bought this guy for something like $35.00. It was worth every penny. This backpack was much like Mary Poppins’ carpetbag in that I could keep putting things into it even though it seemed full. After my short career as a park ranger ended, this backpack went to Hungary and Romania twice and was fabulous for my walks to the grocery store. The checkers were sometimes amazed I didn’t need additional bags. When Matt took over the grocery shopping, he used it too.
In the end, two things landed this in the donation pile. The strap, which I bought black duct tape specifically to repair, sometimes made me feel like a scroungy person. Also, lifestyle changes (I ride my bike to the store now, and the bike setup means I don’t need a huge backpack and Matt is getting a car) mean that its large size works against it. I’ve acquired another backpack (from Matt? Aunt Carol? I’m not sure) which is of normal size and it gets used more often than this one. It absolutely killed me to donate this, but I can’t hold onto every unused thing I’m attached to, or this house will fill up with detritus. So I bid it a very sad farewell.

2 thoughts on “Requiem: Black Backpack”

  1. It is so nice that you have your blog so that, though it is gone, it will never be forgotten! I felt the same way when my backpack that I used for my trip to Spain was donated. But we all know that I am not that much of a hiker/back-packer.

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