Three sentence movie reviews: Valentine’s Day

It is rare that I see a movie without knowing anything about it–Howard’s End comes to mind, but nothing else. However, my mother and I had an Ikea trip planned, and then we went to dinner and this movie. It was a movie-for-the-masses, but fun, and fairly well done.

ps. Oh-my-gosh, until I grabbed the poster I forgot about the “two Taylors” in this. They were hilarious!

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Valentine’s Day”

  1. You know what is funny? I was kind of disappointed with this movie. I wanted it to be more like Love Actually and it fell so short that I was bummed.

    PS-About the Taylors – agreed!

  2. I was pretty disappointed in this movie as well. Although, it did fit in with Tim and my movie theory. "The bigger the cast, the worse the movie." I was so hoping for more…

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