2010 Mardi Gras

As stated before, the Unitiarian Universalist church isn’t so into Lent. Which means that I can do fun things with Lent, like revamping my wardrobe. This year, I am going to revamp my eating habits a bit. I am going to only eat dessert or junk food that I make myself.

I got the idea from Michael Pollen in the book What to Eat, which is a delightful book to check out of the library. It is full of fun advice such as: Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself. The idea is that if we all had to fry up the french fries or donuts ourselves, we wouldn’t be that into eating them. If we had to bake the cake or the cookies, we wouldn’t make them that often.

Helping me with my Lenten goal is my go-to book of tiny desserts. When the mood for cookies strikes me, I don’t have to make four dozen. I can just make six. If I want a layer cake, I can make a tiny one. Because I learned long ago that when I bake a whole cake, I eat the whole cake.
At this point, the thing I don’t have the ability to make myself is ice cream. So on this Ash Wednesday, I had my own Mardi Gras and treated myself to Ben and Jerry’s ice cream with hot fudge. Delicious.

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  1. This is a great Lenten/Linten discipline. I need to let go of my junk food addictions. I still haven't read Michael Pollen, but I know that he would set me straight on my crazy food habits. Good to go for the gusto on Mardi Gras. Since we give up meat – ours is always a juicy hamburger sort of Fat Tuesday!

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