Savings Bond

Back in November of 1974, someone was excited about my birth and bought me a $25.00 savings bond. I’m 35 now, and that savings bond matured some time ago. It is worth about $130.00, which is a lot, but that weird amount, where I don’t want to cash it and spend it on something like groceries, but also it needs to be spent on something special, so I can point to it and say, “my savings bond bought that.” I’ve been hemming and hawing for years as to what to use it for.

It has finally come to me: I’m going to use it to renew my teaching license. The total cost is around $200 dollars, so I will supplement the savings bond with some birthday money. But I think I finally hit on a fitting reason to cash this bond.

4 thoughts on “Savings Bond”

  1. Great! Aaron Kircher has/had the savings bond I won at Senior Night. Hmmm…wonder why I didn't just keep it myself. Funny the things we do – but that is neither here or there. I just wouldn't mind if my free $50 was now something more. I like the idea of it funding your license. Very clever!!!!

  2. That is funny. My girls get two savings bonds every year fo christmas and bdays – right now they each have about 1000 in bonds. I never thought that it could be more than that for them someday. Dang I am living with two rich kids and did not even know it. Cool surprise though even better money in the laundry.

  3. I was similarly confused for many years. I thought it was just worth $25.00. Then I was confused the other way, I thought that the person bought the savings bond for $25.00. Last year when I had to find a bat mitzvah present, I bought a bond and found out that the person paid $12.50. You buy them at half value and then they "mature" at some point and are worth a set figure, which is a lot more than the face value. It's pretty cool, if not logical, in my mind.

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