Requiem: Kienow’s Bag

I was in Portland for Christmas in 1997 and I convinced my mother that I needed reusable shopping bags beause the plastic bags from ‘Friendly” Findleys in South Boston were piling up in my apartment. We were at Kienow’s and she bought me four of their shopping bags.* The one pictured is my second-to-last, I have one lone survivor. We shall see how long the handles hold out on that one. And yes, I could fix that handle on this one, but I’m winnowing my bag collection.

During my three days of librarian school in Boston, I was waiting in line and carrying one of these bags and the woman behind me recognized the Kienow’s name asked if I was from Portland. It turned out she went to Gresham High School and we had a lovely chat. Today, that same Kienow’s location is a New Seasons, but I will always remember running over there to pick up some milk for my grandmother. I sometimes wonder where that Gresham High School turned Librarian is today.

*side note: I remember these bags costing something like $4.95 apiece. That seems crazy now that you can buy Fred Meyer reusable bags for $0.89. Of course, I think the canvas shopping bags are much nicer, but still. Demand in action! Economics, baby!

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  1. I am also impressed that you were so far ahead of the trend in 1997. Fun that you still have them. And canvas is so much better. I like it more than the many free fake-felt bags we all get these days.

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