All those McMenamins fires don’t just spring forth unaided

I was exploring the different areas of the hotel when I came across this pile of wood. ┬áMost McMenamins properties have multiple fire pits and Bend is no exception. ┬áHere’s the wood that feed those fires.

A few hours later, all the wood had been moved.

Old St. Francis school has recently expanded into two new buildings, one of which includes secret rooms. And there’s even a hidden bar. They were very fun to find.

4 thoughts on “All those McMenamins fires don’t just spring forth unaided”

  1. I wonder if someone chopped all of that by hand? That seems like a very PNW thing to do.

    There’s a new guy at my book club. The first time I met him, he was wearing an Anderson School t-shirt. Turns out he’s from Seattle. Like you, he had a very nice experience at Anderson School.

    1. The means of production of split firewood is a topic I have not thought about. I assume a machine would do it, but I don’t know.

  2. I wonder if the abundance of fire pits has brought back the fine art of log chopping to places where from where it had previously disappeared.

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