Bend Anniversary: First Friday

Bend has a downtown event on the first Friday of the month.  Here are a couple of things we saw.

This apology note from a young shoplifter.

At the Tower Theater, we caught an open rehearsal of Thoroughly Modern Productions preparations for Guys and Dolls, which they will be performing in June.  I had fun watching the incremental improvements as they rehearsed.   It was already looking like a good show. 

Then we had delicious Thai food at Noi Thai.

3 thoughts on “Bend Anniversary: First Friday”

  1. I wonder whatever happened to Megan Ward. Was she truly remorseful? Or was she only sorry she got caught, and the police forced her to write the apology? Was this the beginning of a life of crime? 😉

    That Thai food looks delicious!

    1. I also wonder that. Does Megan Ward live in Bend? Do her friends see her apology note, all these years later?

  2. Does the note’s presence stop other would-be shoplifters?

    Dinner looks great!

    I LOVE GUYS AND DOLLS! Most favorite musical EVER! And I have seen enough to have many options to choose from. Adelaide! Oh Adelaide! A person could develop a bad, bad co-old!

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