Fabric Depot

This is where I buy a lot of my fabric, simply because it is so tremendously large.  Fabric Depot is (for my world) very far away from me. It’s a 20-minute drive or an hour on public transportation. But boy, is it fun when I get there!
In the summer you can shop outside and get great deals on clearance fabric.
Just one section of the store!  This is what I call the “fancy” material.  Bridal fabric as well as all the tulle and also material for workout clothing.
The pattern department is huge.  Aside from the usual shelf with pattern books, they have all these independent patterns.
Here is the fancy cotton, wool etc. section.  It’s such a big store they have to have huge signs hanging from the ceiling.

I regularly read Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing and often hear the lament from commentators, “I have no good fabric stores near me.”  So I feel very lucky to have Fabric Depot in my (extended) back yard.

3 thoughts on “Fabric Depot”

  1. I love going to fabric stores. I love the endless possibility that exists there! I fondly remember when we would go to Mill End Fabric together. 🙂

  2. I think I've been there before! With Heidi W., which would make sense. Even I enjoyed it, and you know I don't do anything with fabric.

  3. Indeed you are, well its quite hard to find a fabric shop now a days which is why some sewer(including me) prefer to buy some through online. Lucky you, you have that kind of depot in your backyard :D.

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