Three sentence movie reviews: The Great Gatsby

I have a love/hate thing going on with Baz Luhrmann* so I was interested to see where I fell with this one.  The answer turned out to be right smack in the middle, mostly because the huge party scenes were fantastic and all I could ask for, but the quiet moments (of which are the last half of the movie) were kind of bor-ring.  Also, I’m pretty sure we didn’t need a fully fleshed-out back story for Mr. Jay Gatsby.

Cost:  $3.00 (the key to not buying all the delicious food and drink and thus bumping your tab to $15.00 is to bring with you only three one-dollar bills)
Where watched:  Kennedy School

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*love Romeo + Juliet, HATE Moulin Rouge!

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Great Gatsby”

  1. My eyes just wanted to eat this movie up. Like most Luhrmann movie it was visually stunning. Not sure where I stand on the Gatsby-ness of it…

  2. I will never see this movie because I don't typically like Luhrmann movies – I loathe both Rome + Juliet & Moulin Rouge! I discovered recently, however, that he directed Strictly Ballroom. I did like that movie, but not enough to make a habit of Luhrmann movies.

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