Midland Library

Across the street from Fabric Depot is the Midland Library.  I’m a bit ashamed that I’ve never visited, so today I crossed at the crosswalk–where there was a flashing yellow sign to stop all the cars on busy 122nd Ave.–and discovered that I had never noticed there were quotes on the outside of the building.
Each quote began with a marker and the author of the quote was identified with the key at the bottom.  Very good.
The official sign.
But really, I’m betting the marker for most people is the big clock, very visible from the street.
Inside it is light and beautiful.  This is also a very large library.  Outside of the Central Library, this may be the largest branch library I’ve visited in the Multnomah County System.
A very nice mural.
I think the only thing this library is missing is the exclamation point.

2 thoughts on “Midland Library”

  1. There is nothing quite as fun as exploring a 'new to you' library. Looks like a great one. And seriously, why doesn't everyone adopt the exclamation point?!?!?!

  2. I've been there! When I lived way out on SE 83rd & Taylor, Midland was one of the closest libraries to me (another being Holgate Library, which is tiny). I don't remember those quotes being there though. Maybe they're new? Or maybe I just wasn't very observant.

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