The secret to comfortable summer skirt wearing.

Perhaps your thighs rub against each other while wearing skirts?  Prehaps this makes you not want to wear skirts, even though you love them?  Do I have a solution for you!  Get yourself to a running store.  You know the place:  expensive shoes; fancy shorts that cost more than you spend on a winter coat; thin, laid-back employees, still mellow from there 15 mile morning run. Once you find your running store, ask for some Body Glide.  It’s made for runners, but runners aren’t the only ones with chafing issues. You are now all set.  The next time you put on a skirt, slap some of this on your thighs and they will glide smoothly past each other.  So. Wonderful.

I’ve maintained for years that the Body Glide people are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity as I’m guessing the population of women with thigh chafing while wearing skirts is much larger than the population of runners who run far enough to have chafing issues.

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