HabitRPG Back to School Tips #3

More ways that HabitRPG helps you to keep your life easy.

Do you need a nag? HabitRPG can be your nag.

Put anything you need to remember on the To-Do list.   Right now, sitting right at the top is my reminder to buy cat food.  Because I log into Habit at least once per day, that reminder to buy cat food is sitting right where I need it to be to keep it in the forefront of my mind.

As time passes, the the task changes color, ending in a very grumpy looking red.  However, when you finally complete your grumpy red task, you are rewarded with gold.  Gold that can buy gear.  And non-tangible rewards are quite fun.

Interested and intrigued?  Join HabitRPG today. It’s free.

6 thoughts on “HabitRPG Back to School Tips #3”

  1. What kind of gear do you get? Is this interactive with other people or is it just something you do by yourself (or do you get a choice in that)?

  2. Excellent follow up question. There's basic gear (helmet, body armor, sword and shield) and then different levels of that. Then, after you get to a certain level, you choose to be a role. I'm currently a Healer. So then you buy all the levels of gear for your role. And they also come out with special gear now and again. I'm currently in the Halloween gear for the Healer. The gear increases stuff, which I don't bother to understand.

    You can just do this by yourself, or your can join a party. In the picture above, you can see the JoCo Guild. That's me on the left. Then in the middle is the work me. Then Matt is on right. The advantages to parties is when you go on quests you can defeat them more quickly, because there are more people working on them.

  3. Another excellent follow up question that is also funny. The quests get you things like unusual pets and gold and stuff. They cost gems, which cost actual real money, but if you are in a party only one person has to pay for the quest . If one of your party is a subscriber (Matt is) then they spend the gems to pay for the quest.

    So quests aren't free, but other than that, it's free.

  4. Does it take more time to do the onlining business of the HabitRPG? I feel so digitally committed that I am concerned about committing to something else.

  5. Um, no? Yes? I think it's about working it into your routine. I tend to pull up Habit when I come home from work, which is also the same time I turn on my computer. Then it just sits there as I go through my evening routine and check things off. But if you don't have a complex routine (meaning you can remember everything on your habit list without looking) it takes maybe a minute to check things off. I can only mostly remember what's on my list, which is why I have it up the whole time. So it can prompt me.

    It takes more time to spend gold and use hatching potions etc., but you don't HAVE to do those things and it doesn't hurt you if you just let stuff build up until you go on a spending spree. Matt's mother just checks things off every day and lets her gold and potions/eggs build up until she visits and Matt tells her what to do with them.

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