4 thoughts on “More mural.”

  1. This mural still makes absolutely no sense to me, haha. I see the finished product posted above. I hope it makes sense when it all comes together or I'm going to be a bit annoyed, haha.

  2. Is it a Spanish Conquistitor? What I find interesting is that the shadows of the furry/fuzzy tails (that look like they drape from over the top of the building) do not match the shadows of the dude's bust (no arms, no legs, he is a bust). What is this building for again? And have you actually asked them what it means?

  3. Heather, you are totally right about the shadows, I hadn't even noticed that. I was discussing the mural with one of our awesome volunteers and she pointed out that the Viking-type dude is actually DeSoto. Which makes sense because the building is called the DeSoto Building because it was the first indoor car dealership in Portland.

    The building itself houses the Museum of Contemporary Craft, a few art galleries, office space and space for a (currently defunct) restaurant. When I first moved her the whole building was the Daisy Kingdom building, all for that very froofy style of mother/daughter dress.

    If the Oregonian was still a real newspaper, I think they would have covered this mural, thus allowing me to see what the artist said about it. But no dice.

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