Jockey’s Slip Shorts.

In the quest to live life without chafing thighs, I purchased Jockey’s Slip Shorts.  They are light and breathable and not at all restrictive like Spanx and other girdle-type shorts are.  I loved how they fit, they were very comfortable.
Unfortunately, the “slip” turned out to be a verb and not a noun.  Those shorts would not stay in place.  Wearing them under my uniform dress, I had to hike them up roughly every six steps.  And that’s too much adjusting of underwear in public.   I tested to see just how far they would slip down by walking to the store without hiking them up.  I hadn’t gone a block when they had crawled down to my knees and I resorted to holding them up at knee level to keep them from ending up around my ankles.
There was no clear sense of sizing either.  In the dressing room I tried on LG, XL, XXL, XXXL in different colors and lengths and all seemed to fit exactly the same.  I went with the smallest size I tried on.  Maybe I should have gone smaller?  Or maybe this product needs to go back to the drawing board.

4 thoughts on “Jockey’s Slip Shorts.”

  1. OMG! When you said they were slip shorts, I didn't think they were slipped that far!

    I am thinking I may get me a long peasant style skirt because no one can tell what you are wearing (or the size of your legs!) under that big piece of fabric!

  2. Well, these sound completely useless. Were they designed to be worn under pants? Otherwise I can't imagine why they would design something to be worn under a skirt that doesn't stay in place. How very bizarre. Are you going to take them back for a refund? Or could you perhaps work some sewing magic and put elastic in the waistband to keep them in place while you're walking?

  3. I think they could go under both pants and skirts. I bought 3 pair and took the 2 I didn't wear back. The other one I just chalked up to the hazard of trying new things. They were donated to Goodwill.

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