HabitRPG Back to School Tips #4

Yet another way Habit can make your life easier.

Habit keeps your schedule for you.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have certain days I have to do certain things.  Wednesday and Saturday are laundry days, Sunday and Tuesday are double-cook nights.  On Saturday I vote in Flimspotting’s Poll and on Wednesday I renew library books.  Do you know how I remember to do all that?  Habit tells me.

I have my dailies set up so they only happen on the days they are supposed to happen.  Some of them are more “weeklies” or “biweeklies” than dailies, but Habit lets me roll with it.  It’s great to come home, log onto Habit and have it remind me what I need to do for the night. 

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4 thoughts on “HabitRPG Back to School Tips #4”

  1. I don't tend to have certain tasks delineated to certain days, but I feel like I should. My life would probably run a lot more smoothly if I did. I've been working on getting back into an exercise routine lately, and this would certainly help with that.

  2. I'm big on certain things being done on certain days. It's one of the reasons I don't go crazy. The downside is that if you skip your certain day, it throws things off.

  3. Is there an app for it on your phone? I tend to use my phone as I commute/walk to campus. And that would be very helpful.

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