HabitRPG Back to School Tips #5

One final way you can use HabitRPG to improve your life.

Gear is fun.  Drops are fun.  Pets are fun.  Mounts are fun.  Badges are fun.

And the most fun of all?  You get all this stuff for accomplishing things. That’s me, up there on the left with a Base Dragon Mount and a Cotton Candy Blue Wolf  I’m a Healer at level 80 with 26 perfect days, badges for all manner of things including one for Annoying Friends.  I have hatched 119 pets and 57 mounts. I’m a Beastmaster.  I have all sorts of gear which I can switch out on my character’s avatar when I’m bored which is almost never.

It’s the small things in life that really make or break you.  I may have been annoyed by people at work for most of the day, but I come home, check off most of my dailies, knock out a few to-dos and finally, finally hatch that Zombie Flying Pig mount.  Guess what is a more memorable part of my day?

Habit makes not-so-interesting things much more fun.  It makes you a better you.  It’s free.  You can go on quests with other Habit users (Like me).  Habit will make your life better.  What are you waiting for?

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HabitRPG Back to School Tips #4

Yet another way Habit can make your life easier.

Habit keeps your schedule for you.

Maybe it’s just me, but I have certain days I have to do certain things.  Wednesday and Saturday are laundry days, Sunday and Tuesday are double-cook nights.  On Saturday I vote in Flimspotting’s Poll and on Wednesday I renew library books.  Do you know how I remember to do all that?  Habit tells me.

I have my dailies set up so they only happen on the days they are supposed to happen.  Some of them are more “weeklies” or “biweeklies” than dailies, but Habit lets me roll with it.  It’s great to come home, log onto Habit and have it remind me what I need to do for the night. 

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HabitRPG Back to School Tips #3

More ways that HabitRPG helps you to keep your life easy.

Do you need a nag? HabitRPG can be your nag.

Put anything you need to remember on the To-Do list.   Right now, sitting right at the top is my reminder to buy cat food.  Because I log into Habit at least once per day, that reminder to buy cat food is sitting right where I need it to be to keep it in the forefront of my mind.

As time passes, the the task changes color, ending in a very grumpy looking red.  However, when you finally complete your grumpy red task, you are rewarded with gold.  Gold that can buy gear.  And non-tangible rewards are quite fun.

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HabitRPG Back to School Tips #2

Continuing with Back-to-school tips for Habit RPG.

Today’s tip is:

Why not get something for all the boring stuff that’s part of modern life.

So you have to empty the dishwasher every day.  Or deal with a bunch of emails so your inbox isn’t overflowing.  Or shower.  Or brush your teeth.  Or even go to work.  Why not make those tasks a daily or a habit, so you can have the satisfaction of checking off your task and getting the reward of gold or possibly an egg or potion drop. 

Sure, there’s satisfaction in getting the job done, but there’s also satisfaction in getting the job done, checking off the task and then using your gold to buy some limited edition gear.  We both know which one of these things is better.

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HabitRPG Back to School Tips #1

Remember me talking about Habit RPG?  I’m still using it and it’s still helping me accomplish a lot.  Here are five days of “Back to School” tips for how Habit can make your life easier.

Today’s tip is:

Habit helps you automate regular tasks, especially ones that only happen on certain days.

I do my best to keep up with my banking, because keeping track of what I spend helps me not spend money.  But I’ve always been good at putting off this task.  Until I used Habit’s ability to specify dailies (which are daily tasks) on only certain days.

Instead of failing at building the habit of updating my banking every day (because who wants to do that?) I changed my habit to a daily of “banking no more than three days out” and designated the days the task needs to be done as Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This means that not only do I have some leeway (if it’s Thursday and I updated on Tuesday, I can successfully check off the task) but that the task is done often enough it doesn’t become overwhelming, but not so often I never do it.

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