HabitRPG Back to School Tips #2

Continuing with Back-to-school tips for Habit RPG.

Today’s tip is:

Why not get something for all the boring stuff that’s part of modern life.

So you have to empty the dishwasher every day.  Or deal with a bunch of emails so your inbox isn’t overflowing.  Or shower.  Or brush your teeth.  Or even go to work.  Why not make those tasks a daily or a habit, so you can have the satisfaction of checking off your task and getting the reward of gold or possibly an egg or potion drop. 

Sure, there’s satisfaction in getting the job done, but there’s also satisfaction in getting the job done, checking off the task and then using your gold to buy some limited edition gear.  We both know which one of these things is better.

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3 thoughts on “HabitRPG Back to School Tips #2”

  1. Hmm, it didn't occur to me that I could use this for things like flossing my teeth daily (which I'll be good about for months at a time and then be bad about for months at a time) or cleaning out my Inbox, one of my least favorite tasks. You're starting to win me over.

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