HabitRPG Back to School Tips #1

Remember me talking about Habit RPG?  I’m still using it and it’s still helping me accomplish a lot.  Here are five days of “Back to School” tips for how Habit can make your life easier.

Today’s tip is:

Habit helps you automate regular tasks, especially ones that only happen on certain days.

I do my best to keep up with my banking, because keeping track of what I spend helps me not spend money.  But I’ve always been good at putting off this task.  Until I used Habit’s ability to specify dailies (which are daily tasks) on only certain days.

Instead of failing at building the habit of updating my banking every day (because who wants to do that?) I changed my habit to a daily of “banking no more than three days out” and designated the days the task needs to be done as Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  This means that not only do I have some leeway (if it’s Thursday and I updated on Tuesday, I can successfully check off the task) but that the task is done often enough it doesn’t become overwhelming, but not so often I never do it.

Interested and intrigued?  Join HabitRPG today. It’s free.

3 thoughts on “HabitRPG Back to School Tips #1”

  1. This seems very handy. I'm currently brainstorming what tasks this could help me with. It's surprisingly difficult! Since I stopped working a paying gig, my life has been so amorphous. Perhaps that means I need this more than anyone.

  2. Matt told me that someone did make a habit of "brushing teeth" because she worked from home so she kept forgetting to do all that stuff that people who are required to leave the house do automatically. So perhaps this is for you.

  3. I think with my less than scheduled schedule of PhD studenting, this could be very helpful. I will look into it a bit more when I'm not in paperland.

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