Walk to work. The sunrise edition.

It has become apparent that if I can keep up these one-per-week walks to work through the school year, it will probably be dark for most of them.  Let’s watch the light change as the sun rises.
This was an amazing amount of cars parked.  I think there were five.

Squash growing up!

Delacata on one side, Butternut on the other.  This was a most impressive parking strip garden, but apparently the owner was not at all thrilled with people helping themselves because s/he had posted a very passive aggressive sign about how much work s/he spends every week and the produce is for “MY FAMILY!!!!”  Signs like that make me want to take stuff too.  But I didn’t.

Pretty black-eyed susans.

Renovation!  Maybe I will be able to find this house again and report on the finished product.

I love how they just cut it off.

Kitten!  Cat, really.  But cute.

Pretty red flowers.

Poem from the Poem Booth.  You can read it here.  

This was a block length (at least) hop scotch grid.

I liked that they attached the slide to the porch steps.

I wanted to see how far the hopscotch went on this side of the block, but had to be getting to work.

Nice stone and hens and chicks.


This is a house that hangs out on the overhang below Interstate, just at the top of the  hill.  I’m worried it is not long for this world, given that everything looked very overgrown and there seems to not be siding on it anymore.

Here is the parking spot.  

I’m glad to see that someone is finally renovating this building as I have always loved  it.

Later in the day, I found myself behind the satchel brigade.

2 thoughts on “Walk to work. The sunrise edition.”

  1. I can't believe people steal food out of other people's gardens! That's just low. The zombie apocalypse hasn't hit yet! There's no need to raid other people's gardens.

    I love black-eyed susans. So simple and yet so beautiful. That sunrise pic is great. The red of the jeep really pops.

  2. Looks like a lovely walk. I am very intrigued with remodel on that building and the house. Slides off of the front door? Yes please!

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