I hadn’t seen this house for years

This house is on Montana between Lombard and Rosa Parks, also known as the walk to tap dance class.  When I moved to Kenton in 2007, the lot was a little overgrown, but in the 10 years following, blackberry bushes took over and the house disappeared behind the brambles.

The blackberries have been cleared away, giving me my first view of the house in years.

It’s pretty beat up and on a big lot that is very close to the train, the Interstate and two grocery stores.  This house isn’t long for this world.  (Going to that website gave me no information about this particular house.)

2 thoughts on “I hadn’t seen this house for years”

  1. Well, I’m sure it will be a teardown. Is the lot big enough to put an apartment complex on? I’m curious to see what ends up there eventually.

    1. Yeah, I think so too. Either a setup like down the street where they put 8 units (but with parking) where one house was. Or perhaps further down the street where they put four big houses where one house was. Either way, this street has a lot more people street parking than it used to.

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