Signs of the Hunger Games in Cosmetics.

Would Katniss be shooting naked?  Maybe if it was a really hot day.  But perhaps not.

I think the ad people haven’t really grasped that it’s not so cool to be from Panem.

Because when there is revolution afoot, don’t forget to apply makeup for best results!

Interestingly enough, the only time Katniss Everdeen is seen in makeup someone else puts it on her.  She takes it off as soon as she can.

2 thoughts on “Signs of the Hunger Games in Cosmetics.”

  1. The funny thing is, I think poor Jennifer Lawrence looks TERRIBLE when they pile all that make-up on her for the scenes in the capital. She's so pretty and the heavy make-up detracts from that.

    Why would any model need to be naked for a make-up ad? Scratching my head over that one.

  2. Have you seen the TV ad for subway that has Peeta and Katniss clips? It is so ridiculous that we died laughing while shaking our heads in disapproval. How can you use anyone from District 12 ti sell food products? Laughable. As we are all from Panem. And, as I guess Hank would also say, we are.

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