So this is really a thing.

I was reading the paper while waiting for the train and I kept being distracted by something white in my peripheral vision.  It kept being my hair.  
It is strange to think that someday when I see the hair out of the corner of my eyes it will be light instead of dark.

3 thoughts on “So this is really a thing.”

  1. If it's any consolation, it doesn't look white to me! I know, I know, it's not a consolation. I have a ton of gray hair now and when I go too long without dying it, it's very noticeable. Other people (friends and husband) tell me they can't see it but I can see it and that's all that seems to matter.

  2. I'm actually quite happy it's changing color. It's kind of cool and I'm hoping for an awesome streak of white. I just hadn't thought that someday people who I meet will not know I had dark hair, once upon a time.

  3. No coloring for you? I am starting to have my white hairs. One right at the peak of my forehead, which annoys me and I constantly pluck it. I have been doing blond highlights to cover some of my white/gray hairs. I plan to fight it for a long time. I am glad that you like it. Plus, I have noticed that your hair is getting long again. I'm growing mine out. With hat weather starting in Minn. in November and likely not ending until April/May, I need some ponytailability.

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