Moneta work uniforms improved!

I still love the uniforms, but I am less enamored of keeping my bra straps from showing.  I resolved to make those things that keep them in place.  I don’t know if those things have an official name, but I guess I can call them bra strap holders.  I did a search and found a good tutorial that explained how to sew in the kind where you crochet the thread and attach a snap. Here’s the link.  However, I was having trouble getting the crochet-with-thread technique to work, and wanted these done, so I got out some ribbon I had and improvised.  The result was great.  They don’t really match, but you can’t see them from the outside anyway and they keep my bra nicely in place.

4 thoughts on “Moneta work uniforms improved!”

  1. Holy cow! You appear to be almost caught up with your blog postings! I would hazard to say that this has kept you extra busy this week!

  2. I guess I'm a little dim but I can't quite figure out how these work. Do you have a picture of them in action, so to speak?

  3. I'll see what I can cook up. But I can give you a hint that the dresses are on the hanger inside out, so what you see will be inside the dress when I put it on. There is a snap at the neckline and that unhooks and the bra strap gets sandwiched between the dress and the ribbon. It's pretty awesome.

  4. I love my dresses that have these built in. So nice to not worry about the strap dropping down, which is just annoying! Nice addition.

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