Three sentence movie review: Hail Caesar


Like the best of the funny Cohen Brothers movies, this has several laugh-out-loud moments, along with some random quirky stuff.  I loved the set design and the bits of movies we get to see.* It also manages to be a compelling story.

Cost: $8.00
Where watched: St. Johns Twin with S. North

*The pinnacle, of course, being Channing Tatum’s tap dance routine while in a very darling sailor suit.**  This was well worth the price of admission.

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5 thoughts on “Three sentence movie review: Hail Caesar”

  1. We saw this last weekend. I really enjoyed it! It’s not my favorite Coen Brothers film, but I laughed quite a bit and was entertained the whole way through. My favorite scenes were: Brolin’s character’s conversation with the religious advisers, and Tatum’s song-and-dance routine. Actually, Tatum was the best part of the film!

    1. I loved it a lot. I was scheming for the whole family to see it on Sunday when we were celebrating my mom’s birthday. Because a movie that appeals to the MAunts and the brother and Matt AND me are few and far between. But alas, my Aunt Carol was absent from the celebration due to a bad back.

      The MAunts are supposedly seeing it tomorrow and my brother tonight. We could have all gone!

      I like your favorite scenes. The CT one was awesome, as was his later appearance.

      But I think my favorite part was anything with Hobie Doyle, especially his attempt at saying “would that it were so simple”.

      I head this this movie is considered a flop, which is too bad, because I think a lot of people would really like it.

  2. I know we need to get on this! Maybe over spring break. Which officially starts on Monday, but I have a bit of a free day today!

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