Three sentence movie review: Mikey and Nicky

mikey-and-nicky-movie-poster-1976-1010724664The first in my Elaine May marathon* proved to be a worthy candidate for discussion and also lived up to its “a gangster film like no other” tagline.  Intense and engrossing, it grabbed me from the beginning and eventually lost me near the end when one of the characters grew too unbearable to care about.  It also has one of the most harrowing sex scenes** I’ve seen on film in a very long time.

Cost:  free from library.  It seems to be a rather obscure movie, so I’m thankful the Multnomah County Library System could hook me up.
Where watched: at home.

*Filmspotting has been saying for more than a year that they would be doing an Elane May marathon.  I’ve decided to stop waiting for them and do one of my own.  I have very clear childhood memories of both A New Leaf and Ishtar and am looking forward to revisiting them as an adult.
**Especially considering the fact that absolutely nothing was visible.  In fact, a long paper could be written about the role of women in this movie that was written and directed by a woman.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie review: Mikey and Nicky”

  1. So are you only watching films she directed, or also the ones she wrote? I’ve never heard of her, although I have heard of two of her films (not this one). Is that Peter Falk? *checks IMDB* It is! I now have a fairly good idea of what everyone in this film talked like, haha.

    1. Hah! Sometimes I just amused myself by staring at Peter Falk’s eye. Which is rude, but like he could see me.

      May was part of the Nichols and May comedy team, which consisted of her and Mike Nichols, who is now, of course, known as Director Mike Nichols. I haven’t seen any of their comedy, but I think I read an article about them in Vanity Fair and connected her to “A New Leaf” which for whatever reason completely stuck in my mind as a young child.

      I’m planning on watching:
      Mikey and Nicky (wrote and directed)
      A New Leaf (wrote and directed)
      The Heartbreak Kid (directed) (this is if I can get a copy, I haven’t looked into that part yet)
      Ishtar (wrote and directed) (I’m not sure if I can get my hands on a copy of this either, but I remember my family LOVING this movie and thinking all the critics were wrong. I can still sing a song from the movie)

      I may watch Heaven Can Wait which she wrote. And perhaps Down to Earth, the 2001 Chris Rock remake

      She’s also an uncredited writer on Tootsie. And then there’s 1996’s The Birdcage and 1998’s Primary Colors, neither of which I am interested in seeing again, having watched them in their original theatrical release.

  2. Very interesting review. I also like that you are taking this marathon on your won. Way to trail blaze!

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