Three sentence movie reviews: Hunger Games Catching Fire

The brother was interested, and so we went.  The second viewing was just as enjoyable as the first, despite the outrageous ticket price* and because the two women sitting to my left had clearly not read the book and so were audibly shocked, amazed and awed at each plot turn.** And man, Jennifer Lawrence is a pro.

Cost:  $16.00
Where watched:  Cinetopia Progress Ridge with Chris.

poster from:
(I love the not-so-subtle homage to Soviet-era posters)

*The reason Cinetopia is the one local theater chain I don’t support or frequent.  Seriously, their motto could be “Cinetopia:  Where the suburban middle class pays entirely too much for a movie, then purchases overpriced food and drink on top of that.”
**Their gasps and sighs were a good reminder why it’s fun to watch movies in a crowd.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Hunger Games Catching Fire”

  1. I love movie crowd reactions too. When we saw the latest Superman movie, the stranger to my right jumped and screamed during that scene toward the end where Superman, um, vanquished a foe in a rather hands-on fashion. Then her friends and I all laughed at her a lot.

  2. Oh how I enjoyed this movie. I had forgotten about the plot twist myself, so it was a fun shock. My only quibble is that Snow is not creepy and stinky enough.

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