An Amazing Find!

I went looking for some missing letters and journals and was not successful in finding them.  But I did find something else very exciting!

My Caboodle!  Which, as you know, (assuming you are a middle-class white female born in the early 70s and susceptible to advertising) is a handy (and cute) place to keep all your makeup.

Note the matches from the Village Inn (from when every restaurant had matches and there were smoking sections, in fact, it was a big deal that there were NON-smoking sections) which were used to melt the eyeliner so it would be easier to apply.
Here are the teardrops I would sometimes affix to my face in high school
Here are some false eyelashes, an awesome turquoise pick (partially obscured by an excellent primer on eye makeup) as well as more things I stuck on my face and a very cool Avon brush that I had wondered, now and again, what ever happened to it.
Plus, two kinds of Avon eye shadow I borrowed from my mother around 1987 and never returned.

“Now you can go fishin’ for man!” Sara commented when I texted her the photos.  Instead I packed it all back up and hid it away for another happy surprise in a few decades.  But maybe I will go back for that brush.

4 thoughts on “An Amazing Find!”

  1. That eye shadow is, um, wow. Especially the one on the right. I have a hard time imagining you all decked out in make-up. You look so pretty as-is. Can I ask why you affixed false tears to your face as a teenager?

  2. Um wait!!! I didn't realize it was YOURS?!?!?! I though you found it at a charity shop. Oh this fishing for men box find is even better than I thought!!!

  3. "I can't imagine that you would have worn makeup?" one of my friends commented when I was gleefully explaining my find. And I mostly didn't. There was a phase in Jr. High of makeup every day, but in high school, as now, I only wore it for dramatic effect. Hence the pearly tears. And that gold lipstick in the first picture I'm pretty sure I bought to wear ironically on a "Green and Gold" spirit day.

    Sara–YES. Mine! Sorry that got lost in the trouble of texting. Do you still have yours?

  4. Ironic green and gold day, I am sure, was awesome! I don't specifically recall, but I know it was! 🙂 Sadly mine went away after my freshman year of college.

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