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Below is an email I sent to the Dr. Martin’s store after successfully purchasing a pair of boots. In 2012 I am going to make an effort to use those handy web site comment forms to leave praise for employees who are doing a good job. As someone who worked for many years with the general public I know how hard it is, and how a few sentences of thanks can really lighten your day. Actually, I don’t really know that, seeing as people only complained about me, but I can imagine.
Maybe you want to start offering thanks for some of the service people in your life too? It doesn’t take long and like this man’s experience, can have good effect on you!
Dear Dr. Martin’s

I’ve been in the market for boots for some time and have had trouble finding a pair that fits my calves. Shopping for boots is an embarrassing and demoralizing situation, mostly because the sales people who bring me the boots are then witness to the zipper stopping short several inches from its intended target.

After a lackluster sales experience in another store, I stopped by your Portland, Oregon location. There I discovered the Phina boot which neatly bypassed the calf situation by utilizing pretty kick-ass buckles throughout the length. In addition, I had the great help of Callie, who was attentive, but did not hover and did not make me feel awkward. I thank both Callie for her sales technique and your company for making such an awesome boot.


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  1. What a great idea! I think I'm going to do that for the waiter who made sure the other day that I didn't lose the scarf that Kelly made for me.

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