Onto the next project: Colette Patterns’ Laurel Uniform Shirts!

I’ve mentioned the plan before and now that the Waste Not Napkins are done, I can officially launch into the Uniform project.  Material has been bought, enough for three shirts, two dresses and two different aprons.  Fitting DVDs have been watched.  So I’m off now, tracing the pattern, ready for another sewing adventure.

Three sentence movie reviews: Frances Ha

I loved, loved, loved this movie, finding it a great time capsule of that mid-20s stage when embryonic adults* are just finding their way.  It was also quite funny and sweet and chock full of details that felt very familiar to me.  I can see how the main character might grate on people, but I fell squarely on the side of amused adoration.

Cost: $3.00
Where watched:  Laurelhurst

ps. I hate this poster.

*granted, the main character was 27 and not super embryonic, but sometimes it takes time to find your way.  Believe me, I know.

I spy an STP finisher

I’m not at all in a long-distance bicycling portion of my life, but I think I will be again, someday.  Which means someday I will complete the STP, just like this guy.

While I was waiting at the light, I could see hordes of other finishers crossing the intersection behind me, but by the time I got my camera the light had changed and I missed out on a great picture.