Colette Patterns’ Laurel: Fabric Preview and more muslin action.

Straight from the dryer.  The blue in the back is the color of the shirts/dresses. The striped material in the middle is to make bias binding for the shirts/dresses. The green seersucker (this is how I can get more seersucker in my wardrobe) and awesome print are for aprons.  Note:  It is very difficult to dry 10.5 yards of fabric.  Very, very difficult.
To review: Full Bust Adjustment gave more room in the bust, but then, due to lack of dart, gave too much room in the abdomen area.  I have not been able to find any solutions for this on the Internet and so…
…here is where I remove some from the sides to attempt to fix this problem.  It’s all I can think to do.
Eh.  I’m not sure that did much good.
Plus, now I’m wrinkly in the back.
I’m making the sleeve a bit bigger.
And here I am with sleeves. I don’t like how they flare out.
Back view.
Yep.  I think the sleeves need to be even bigger.

Three sentence movie reviews: Hope Springs

Given that its subject was the incredibly un-sexy frustrations of a long-married, kind of boring couple, I’m actually surprised that this movie was even made.  But I’m glad it was, because Streep/Jones/Carell were all incredible to watch and I loved how my opinion of the main characters changed and grew as the movie progressed, just as the characters were changing and growing themselves.  This is one of the better examples of a “grown up” movie put out by the Hollywood machine.

Cost: free from library
Where watched:  at home.

(ps.  The amount of airbrushing on this poster is insane.  Meryl Streep looks good, but not that good.  And Tommy Lee Jones has many more wrinkles than depicted here.)

Three sentence movie reviews: The Lorax

I’m going out on a (very firm and stable) limb here and remarking that Computer Animation and Dr. Seuss are a win-win.  The computer animation world can bring to life the wild exuberance that is the work of Mr. Geisel.  Though I was surprised a lot of the content of this book made it to the big screen–it’s fairly anti-capitalism–I found it to be a very good adaptation.

Cost:  Free movie in the park in Vancouver.
Where watched:  In the park (it was a big one in East Vancouver out on 138th street or something) with Kelly

The Lorax Setup.

Kelly and I arrived at the park in Vancouver, Washington ready to see the Lorax.  We were early so we claimed a seat in the front and got to witness the trouble with the inflatable movie screen.

The wind was a problem.  It wasn’t big and gusty, just a persistent blowing that blew that screen right over.  They tried to raise it a few times and then called for backup in the form of stakes.

When the stakes arrived, up it went again.
And employees held steady.
And pulled.
And tugged.
And stood patiently while stakes were pounded into the ground.
Like what is happening here.
Some support?  Or just looking busy while chatting?
There was a lot of standing and waiting.
And phoning.
And waiting.
The mom said, “Okay 1-2-3 open your eyes” and the kids eyes flashed open for a second while she snapped the picture.
Still waiting. (Tom Petty says, “The waiting is the hardest part.”)
But that waiting ends eventually.
A band of caution tape to keep everyone safe.
And a tie off.
Go City of Vancouver!
An announcement about how it will all work.
More tying off.
These were darling.  This outing marks the first time I’ve seen the fold-y chairs with sun shades.
 All that hard work means kinks in the back.  Luckily, someone can do something about that.