Three sentence movie reviews: Hope Springs

Given that its subject was the incredibly un-sexy frustrations of a long-married, kind of boring couple, I’m actually surprised that this movie was even made.  But I’m glad it was, because Streep/Jones/Carell were all incredible to watch and I loved how my opinion of the main characters changed and grew as the movie progressed, just as the characters were changing and growing themselves.  This is one of the better examples of a “grown up” movie put out by the Hollywood machine.

Cost: free from library
Where watched:  at home.

(ps.  The amount of airbrushing on this poster is insane.  Meryl Streep looks good, but not that good.  And Tommy Lee Jones has many more wrinkles than depicted here.)

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Hope Springs”

  1. I actually wanted to see this movie. But as I already have old woman tendencies, I get teased a bit for choices like this. I like the idea of getting it from the library, though, less tease-worthy!

  2. Who was teasing you? It's worth watching, even if you, the viewer, aren't in the same demographic as the actors. I'm a bit annoyed at the teasing. Are you only allowed to watch things that have to do with people your age and younger? That's rather limiting. This is a good story and also engaging and interesting. So what if they people involved are much older than you?

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