Three sentence movie reviews: The Lorax

I’m going out on a (very firm and stable) limb here and remarking that Computer Animation and Dr. Seuss are a win-win.  The computer animation world can bring to life the wild exuberance that is the work of Mr. Geisel.  Though I was surprised a lot of the content of this book made it to the big screen–it’s fairly anti-capitalism–I found it to be a very good adaptation.

Cost:  Free movie in the park in Vancouver.
Where watched:  In the park (it was a big one in East Vancouver out on 138th street or something) with Kelly

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: The Lorax”

  1. Interesting that you have such a positive review. From the previews I felt that Dr. Seuss was probably rolling in his grave from the film, especially all of the advertising and marketing that came from it. They were using the Lorax and truffula trees to sell cars for goodness sake!

  2. Well, given that I don't watch much TV, I wouldn't have noticed the advertising. It does seem like not the best marketing venture for this movie, though, selling cars. Selling Seventh Generation Dishwasher Detergent, that would make more sense.

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