Colette Patterns’ Laurel: Fabric Preview and more muslin action.

Straight from the dryer.  The blue in the back is the color of the shirts/dresses. The striped material in the middle is to make bias binding for the shirts/dresses. The green seersucker (this is how I can get more seersucker in my wardrobe) and awesome print are for aprons.  Note:  It is very difficult to dry 10.5 yards of fabric.  Very, very difficult.
To review: Full Bust Adjustment gave more room in the bust, but then, due to lack of dart, gave too much room in the abdomen area.  I have not been able to find any solutions for this on the Internet and so…
…here is where I remove some from the sides to attempt to fix this problem.  It’s all I can think to do.
Eh.  I’m not sure that did much good.
Plus, now I’m wrinkly in the back.
I’m making the sleeve a bit bigger.
And here I am with sleeves. I don’t like how they flare out.
Back view.
Yep.  I think the sleeves need to be even bigger.

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