Colette Patterns’ Laurel: Muslin. Fitting the back.

So I’m writing this a few weeks after I took this picture which is a bad thing.  First off, this is going to be a “hmmm.  I think I was doing this here” sort of post.  But here goes.

I’m pretty sure this was the first go-round with the muslin.
Back. It would behoove you to take note of how loose and floppy the back is, especially in the lower back area.

Front. You can see where I’ve drawn in a line at my waist.  Also, please note the lines radiating from the bust point above and below the bust.  This will become important later.
More back?  Or perhaps a picture where I show off my massive arm?

After I took those pictures, I’m pretty sure I had Matt pin out the back according to the instructions on the Threads Torso Fitting DVD.  It seems that patterns are drafted as if we are straight up and down in the back and surprisingly, we are not, so there is usually a ton of excess fabric.  So here’s how it looks now, after pulling some of that fabric out.  Better along the top.
But still a bit poofy nearer the waist.  Except apparently I found that okay at the time.
 The cats helped by watching.
Here is my muslin ripped apart and set up to redo the seam.  Look at all that I took out.
And then, due to my massive deltoids, I just went ahead and gave me more room in the underarm area.
Given the wrinkles around the bust line, I finally agreed that perhaps I am not a B cup any longer.  Which means it was time for my first Full Bust Adjustment!  And here it is.
And here is how it looks recut and resewed.  So much more room.  It was a bit of a revelation.
But I think there might be too much room now? And look how much extra is in the stomach area.
 This is me frowning because I’m not really sure how to get rid of that excess material.

Three sentence movie reviews: Fast & Furious 6

This movie had absolutely every single thing one could ever possibly ask for in a Fast & Furious movie* and thus I greatly enjoyed myself.  Everyone is up to their old tricks, everything moves in a fast and furious manner and every single part of the movie was great fun, especially recounting in dramatic fashion to the boyfriend, who despises these movies.  Which is to say, if you need me to convince you to see this, you are not already a fan and shouldn’t see it, but if you are a fan, you already have seen it.

Cost:  $4.00
Where watched: Jubitz

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*Includes: stunts that defy every law of physics; people returning from the dead who are not zombies but nearly fully healed people; massive plot holes; Vin Diesel mumbling important lines**; plot points that are laughable at best; a street race IN LONDON, ENGLAND; Gina Carano wearing very low-cut shirts; super cool hand-to-hand combat (because they can’t just drive well, they can also fight, goddammit); jokey dialogue that is funny; funny dialogue that is supposed to be serious; cars traveling through fire; cars being destroyed every which way but loose; incredible lapses in time; and our team having absolutely no problem adjusting to the fact that the steering wheel is on the other side of the car!

**Watching a certain scene in this movie, I am quite interested in seeing if Mr. Diesel could pull off the lead in a dramatic love story kind of movie.  I think he could.  Thoughts?