A Walk to Kennedy School

The movie playing at Edgefield was the truly horrible Jupiter Ascending, which I did not want to subject myself to a second time.  So soon after I returned from my visit, I set out for another McMenamins property: Kennedy School.  Because the previous week my sum total exercise minutes were equal to 20 (my imaginary fitbit was not pleased) I walked there.  Which means you get to see what’s going on in N/NE Portland.

I’m quite interested in this fence.  Is there more to come?  How did they decide on such a haphazard arrangement?

Good use for an old head/foot board, but I can’t help imagining how all the varnish will peel after a few years of exposure to the weather.

I like this porte-cochere added to this bungalow.  I can tell it was added because the brick is different.  Someone got tired of unloading the groceries in the rain. 

Can you believe it?  Lilacs are starting to bloom!

Well hello huge row house structure behind Walgreens that appeared seemingly overnight.  I’m sure people who can afford to live in your “starts at $409,000” price will enjoy living here.

And right next to the brand new row house structure?  This little friend.  Who might not be long for this world.

I do appreciate how these new four-square-type new houses fit right in with the grand houses along this Boulevard.

Here you can see an original inhabitant of this street.

Bees were buzzing madly around this not-standard hive.

Should you have a spare $525,000, this stylish home is waiting for you.  It has a gorgeously landscaped lawn.

This has more bedrooms, but a less attractive yard.

Turning the corner onto 33rd, you can see that this house isn’t interested in blending.  Hello dark wavy metal siding.

Three sentence movie reviews: Into the Woods

Stephen Sondheim’s musical styling gets on my nerves after about an hour, so that was distracting.  Aside from that, this was a very fun movie with great performances by all.*  It also featured an amazing sweater (worn by the boy Jack) that I sadly cannot find a pattern online for.

Cost: $3.00 (Plus pizza and a seasonal cider. I do recall that I made a vow to not buy food/drink at movies this year, but I was hungry.  There wasn’t any food in the house.)
Where watched: Kennedy School. 

*Every time I heave a big sigh when Meryl Streep is nominated for yet another Academy Award. Then I see the movie and take back that heavy sigh, because she really is amazing.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2014/into_the_woods.html