I can’t believe it took me so long to think of this. Portioning out the pints.

Portioning ice cream from a pint has always stuck me as being a pain.  Because the pint is not a cylinder with straight sides, it’s hard to estimate when where just one quarter of the ice cream is.  And now, New Seasons has a special birthday ice cream with Ruby Jewel Salted Carmel, chocolate cake and fudge on top.  How to get it out without disturbing the layers?

Ah-hah!  I realized I could just cut the whole thing into quarters, slicing neatly through the cardboard edges of the pint.

Here you can see the layers.  I pulled one off for myself and wrapped the rest in a bag and stored it in the freezer.

Postcard from Minnesota

This is from Sara, who obtained this postcard through a stationary subscription she received as a present.  I was intrigued by the idea of a stationary subscription, so I looked into it myself.  And may I say that in the video I watched, one of the women had a very interesting hair style.  And now I’ve just run deep into a rabbit hole because apparently there is more than one company that has stationary subscriptions.  If someone wants to spend an overly large amount of money on a gift subscription for me, I liked Nicely Noted the best.